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Mold remover Out Stains Remover Spray Household And Kitchen Multi Purpose Cleaner Quick removal to prevent stain growth on AliExpress

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Out Stains Remover Spray Household And Kitchen Multi-Purpose Cleaner 100ml/200ml


  • Instantly and effectively remove all Stains in your home.

  • The continuous growth of Stains will eventually lead to pollution of the air and harm to the lungs when breathing.

  • It cleans the air by banishing toxic and odors in the atmosphere.

  • Not only does it remove the Stains, but it also creates a protective shield to avoid future Stains growth.

  • QUICK EFFECT. Simply spray and scrub, immediately and completely remove the molds.

  • Removes toxic and the odor produced by Stains spreading in the air, creating a clean and healthy atmosphere to breathe in.

  • EFFECTIVE. Removes Stains by sinking in and its roots in a nanosecond, making it completely gone and impossible to come back.

  • PROTECTS. The spray also works as a protective film to prevent future emergence of Stains.

  • SAFE TO USE. Made from skin-friendly materials, ensuring it is gentle and harmless on your hands.


  • 1 x Bottle of Stains & Odor Fungicide Spray (100ml/200ml.)